जलेन विना नैवं जीवनम्।

वृक्षेण विना नैवं श्वसनम्।

“There won’t be any Life without Water and nobody can’t breathe without tress”.



There won’t be any Life without Water and nobody can’t breathe without trees

Nurture Ideaz is committed to building a better world for future generations by being at the forefront of sustainable practices in all its projects, innovations, products, people at all times.
We nurture the path of Sustainability based on Sustainable Development Goals and take initiatives which will have a tangible impact on Land, Air and Water.

Nurture Ideaz-Sustainability
Sustainability-Nurture Ideaz

The fashion industry is the world’s second most polluting industry on the planet after oil. 25% of the world’s chemicals are used for textile production. Around 10% of the world’s global carbon emissions result from the apparel & textile industry. The textile industry uses more water than any other industry apart from agriculture.

In current linear system of textile production, less than 1% is recycled, 12% is downcycled; creating $100 Billion loss of materials. Also $37 Billion clothing lies unused in our wardrobes. 73% percent is incinerated or ends up in landfills. Anywhere from 30 to 300 species per hectare may be lost during the development of just one landfill site.

The environmental impact of fashion is on Land, Water & Air and felt from operations across the value chain within Upstream, Own Operations and Downstream; e.g. Greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation, waste accumulation, chemical additions, rainforest destruction, water pollution, etc.

While a number of initiatives are possible to rejuvenate the Mother Earth; Nurture Ideaz targets on some of the key aspects of sustainability and actions innovative programs which are measurable on environmental KPIs; as there is No Planet-B. These initiatives are purely based on ethical principles viz. Transparency, Visibility, Traceability; having tangible opportunities as follows: –

  1. Earning for under privileged
  2. Job creations
  3. Zero Wastage
  4. Rewards system
  5. SME sector skill set enhancement
  6. E-commerce




The Indian apparel market is the second largest retail market after food & grocery in India. It grew at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.5% in the period from 2012-17 and is expected to grow at nearly 11% CAGR in 2017-21 period to reach a value of ₹ 6,290 billion by 2021 according to the India Business of Fashion Report. The annual Green House Gas emission of the fashion industry is equal to the sum of total emissions of the countries – France, Germany and England.
The study also shows wanting things makes us happier than having them. The materialists were also likely to believe that an upcoming purchase would transform their lives in important & meaningful ways. We also believe this buying will improve our relationships, boost our self-esteem & make us happier which actually is for short span. Though we agree this will sure run the economy however at the same time there has to be a broader thought and an awareness on the impact of these buying on the planet.

Emotional buying is not a therapy but a waste. If you really wish to declutter your wardrobe and instead of just cleaning up those shelves and needs support to repurpose them at the same time limit our own planet’s global warming to 1.5℃; then you are arrived at the right webpage of Nurture Ideaz.
Let’s take a pledge starting from the fresh new year 2021 & confirm the resolution to heal the planet by pushing the Earth Overshoot Day* through whichever smallest initiative.
*(Earth Overshoot Day = (Planet’s Bio Capacity / Humanity’s Ecological Footprint) X 365

This initiative prospers your sense of fulfilment, be successful in what you do, have peace in your life to bring healthy relationship with your loved once, your work, your environment & finally within for happiness.

Sustainable Interior

At Nurture Ideaz we have created an environment that fosters sustainability and facilitates the integration of pioneering ideas and approaches in every aspect of interiors. This is visible across the wide spectrum of services and solutions that we offer with exceptional results that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. The scope for sustainable interiors is enormous in our profession.
Sustainable Interiors have received global recognition over the years. The conventional way of designing is slowly transforming as people are now becoming more aware and focused on the environmental aspects of designing interiors. Sustainability is our core area of expertise. We understand our responsibility towards nature and continuously strive to promote sustainability in the services we offer.

Sustainability project maagement

It is a process of systematic transformation whereby sustainable interiors are a given with the goal of making people more inclined towards preserving the environment. The most significant aspect of embracing sustainable interiors it helps us contribute towards our surrounding community and ecosystems.

By embracing the sustainability approach while designing interiors we ensure the lowest possible or a negligible impact on the environment. Three important considerations that need to be addressed while planning and designing are efficient ventilation with access to natural air and light, water management systems that reduce wastage and enable recycling and materials that are locally sourced with negligible or low carbon footprint.

Sustainability project maagement

Exploring path breaking ideas and concepts associated with sustainability and assessing their application in interiors is a full time occupation at Nurture Ideaz. Our approach is based on circularity rather than linear development. Preserving the environment is a constant endeavor. By focusing on aspects like managing indoor temperature, efficiency in energy consumption, knitting the outdoor and indoor environment, selecting plants that purify indoor air quality and using soundproof materials, we achieve substantial transformation through each aspect.

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